Chemical Engineers Use Gold to Create Renewable Fuels


Robert H. Davis and Matthew Neurock which is a chemical engineer from Virginia Univertas have found a way to control the high reactivity of nano gold particles in the process of oxidation of alcohols in water. The study is an important first step to unlocking the potential in the development of chemicals that can be updated using the new metal catalyst.
Scientific research should one day be expected as a basis for creating a wide range of products of carbon that can be updated, as opposed to petroleum-based chemicals that can not be updated as well as pastik, fuel, cosmetics, and others. Researchers from the University of Virginia has also been demonstrated that gold has a tow moisture and reactivity when placed in alkaline water. The brand also has studied the mechanism for oxidizing ethanol and glycerol into acids such as acetic acid and glycerin acid, which is usually used as food additives by using gold and platinum as a catalyst.
Davis, who is chairman of the study at the same time professor of the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Virginia says that he has shown that better understanding the oxidation chemistry on gold and metal catalysts other in order to create something that can be useful in generating carbon fuel that can be updated. By using water to help the oxidation of alcohols with oxygen in the air was a better way than using expensive inorganic oxidants are harmful to organic solvents.
The research group from the University of Virginia does not fully understand how water can play an important role role in catalysis of oxidation of alcohol. In the past, the catalyst in water has not been used in the chemical industry for a variety of petroleum products can not be dissolved in water, the water of which is considered useless.
Researchers from the University of Virginia eventually incorporate concepts in electrochemical catalysts to uncover the factors that occur in the oxidation of alcohol among other chemical substances. The study is expected to produce a fuel that can be updated so as to reduce the scarcity of fuel and oil that occurred globally in

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