Community Service Team of the Department of Chemistry Unhas Trained The Sanjai Residents to Process Coconut Water Into Soy Sauce

The Community Service Team (PKM) of the Chemistry Department of Hasanuddin University (Unhas) Makassar, carried out the Coconut Water Treatment Training Activity into Soy Sauce with Chitosan Preservatives in the Sanjai Village Office Hall, East Sinjai Sub-district, Sinjai District, Tuesday (08/29/2018).

Chairman of the PKM Team Dr. Hasnah Natsir, M.Sc., said that Sinjai as one of the regencies in South Sulawesi which has a large coconut potential, especially in the East Sinjai sub-district, Sanjai village, however the potential of coconut is not maximally developed, especially the use of coconut water which has only been used for community consumption needs, but when it is excessive, it is sometimes wasted.

Chemistry Department community service team and the Sanjai Village government

“So seeing the potential of coconut in Sanjai Village which is quite a lot can be a basic capital in pioneering the growth of soy sauce home industry in Sanjai village. Hopefully, with the holding of this training, it can be a stimulus for the community in Sanjai village, ” said Dr. Hasnah Natsir as a Leader.

Meanwhile, the secretary of Sanjai Village, Andi Sudarman, greatly appreciated the implementation of this activity because it opened up insights and increased the knowledge of citizens on the development of local village potential through a technology approach so that it could become an entrepreneurial opportunity for villagers.

“Hopefully this kind of activity can be carried out again in Sanjai village, because in principle activities like this can be one of the best solutions in solving problems, especially those related to the development of natural resource potential and human resources in villages,” said the secretary of Sanjai Village.

The activity was attended by Mattoanging Farmers Group, PKK Sanjai village women, youth groups and Sanja villagers.

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