Development and Increase of Value Added of Patchouli Plantation Through Capacity Building of Human Resources in Bone-Bone Village, Baraka District, Enrekang Regency

Patchouli oil is a type of essential oil that can be produced from patchouli trees, which are shrub trees, have high economic value and many benefits. South Sulawesi is one of the highest national patchouli oil production targets in 2018 besides Central Sulawesi and West Sumatra. Enrekang Regency which is included in the South Sulawesi region has cultivated patchouli trees and also produced patchouli oil, although it has not yet obtained maximum results both in terms of rendition and oil quality where its Patchouli Alcohol (PA) content is still relatively low. To overcome this, PKM activities were carried out.

Discussion with Patchouli Farmers Bone-Bone Village District Baraka Enrekang

The dedication of Science and Technology for the Community is to make patchouli farming communities able to produce oil with a high (high quality) PA content with high rendamen so as to increase income and at the same time assist in meeting the highest national patchouli oil production target in 2018.

The method that has been done is providing counseling on the method of nursery, tillage, planting and maintenance, and harvesting and pre-processing. For the first year, counseling and training on how to breed were in accordance with the standards and measurement of GC-MS chromatogram to determine Patchouli alcohol content in patchouli oil produced by patchouli farmers in Bone-Bone Village, Baraka District, Enrekang Regency.

The results obtained from this activity were that the community became aware of the good way of cultivating patchouli plants. In addition, it was also known that the patchouli alcohol (PA) content of patchouli oil from patchouli farmers was 24.86%.

After farmers understand the method of patchouli cultivation, patchouli oil production, especially in Enrekang Regency, will increase its Patchouli alcohol content to reach a minimum target of 30% and become export-quality.

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