Doctoral Program Curriculum

The curriculum of the Doctoral Program of Chemistry consists of 33 credits of lectures and 12 credits of Dissertation. The course credits are realized in 11 courses with an average weight of 3 credits. The course consists of groups of courses with a set schedule and unscheduled ones. The courses that are set include the Basic Degrees course (12 credits) and the civility course (12 credits). The lecturing process is done by face-to-face system where the lecturer acts as resource person, the presentation system by the student, or the combination between the two. In the case of the presentation system, the lecturer usually assigns the assignment to the students to make a writing or presentation material on a particular topic to be then presented by the student in front of the lecturer on the predefined schedule. In general, presentation systems that demand the liveliness of these students are preferred over the conventional one-way face-to-face system in which the lecturer acts as the primary source of information.

Chemistry Doctoral Program Curriculum

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