Educational Philosophy

The educational philosophy of CSP is extracted from the fact that chemistry is an exciting and rapidly changing subject, which is crucial to our understanding of many of today’s global issues. For that reason, CSP offers a flexible curriculum to enable students to study and work at the leading edge of this important subject. The CSP’s curriculum equips students with the skills and knowledge required to work as professionals in a variety of chemical industries or to continue their study to graduate school. Therefore, it is necessary for CSP to foster a culture that helps students to become self-learners; to create opportunities for students to participate in research projects led by full-time faculty members, and to promote an understanding that social consciousness and ethical behavior are essential features of a principle chemistry community. CSP boasts an active and vibrant undergraduate research program to stimulate students to work closely with their faculty mentors and are often credited for contributing key experimental results and insights to projects later published as research papers in peer- reviewed journals. Therefore, teaching and learning processes in the CSP mainly focus on the following issues: (1) development of students’ body of chemistry knowledge; (2) development and improvement of students analytical and critical scientific reasoning; (3) instilling students professionalism and knowledge of scientific ethics; and (4) fostering students’ life-long learning.

Chemistry Study Program has disseminated its educational philosophy to all of the academic staff through teaching and learning processes. The academic staff learned and educated systematically and naturally the philosophy during his or her previous study and current work as the academic staff. In addition, an effective mentoring system from senior to junior academic staff has made the educational philosophy of CSP becoming well-articulated not only limited to the academic staff but also to the CSP students.

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