Graduates Profile

No Graduate Profiles Competencies Required Knowledge & Skills Required
1 Junior Professional Chemist Ability to perform a problem solving related to chemical industry sector Chemistry related subjects, critical and analytical skills
Ability to manage sub ordinates and resources for a particular junior professional chemist Managerial and communication skills (oral and written), Teamworking Skills and Professional Ethics
2 Junior Researcher Ability to interprete and analyze data and information into research statements Chemistry related subjects, Research Methodology, Chemical Literature and Information Management Skils
Ability to apply chemical methods and principles in a broad range of chemical problems Chemistry related subjects, Chemical instruments, IT Skills
3 Quality Controller Ability to perform a variety methods in chemical analysis Chemistry related subjects, Chemical instruments, IT Skills
Ability to manage quality management system Quality management, managerial skills
4 Educator/Trainer Ability to deliver chemical knowledge and skills to a wide range of audiences Chemistry related subjects, pedagogical skills and ethics
Ability to perform oral and writen communication to a wide range of audiences Oral and writen communication skills

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