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Chemistry Department is a department under the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Hasanuddin University. Management of the department is based on “Undang-undang No.2/DIKTI/1989″ and “PP No. 30 tahun 1980″ concerning higher education. At this time, the Department of Chemistry has been accredited with “A” level by “BAN PT” No. 025/BAN-PT/Ak-XV/S1/VIII/2012. The development strategy of the department is carried out by setting the vision, missions, goals, and objectives of the department. The strategies are formulated through meetings in the department by the curriculum team taking into account input from stakeholders and alumni. The formulation produced by the team is then discussed together in workshops involving all lecturers, staffs, students, alumni, and stakeholders.

A. Vision of Chemistry Department
In 2020, Department of Chemistry becomes a center of excellence in the development of chemistry and utilization of natural resources based on Indonesian maritime continent.

B. Missions of Chemistry Department
1. Developing a high quality and sustainable education;
2. Developing an excellent research that relies on the natural resources of the sea;
3. Producing professional graduates in the development of chemistry and the use of natural materials in coastal areas who are able to compete in the global labor market;and
4. Educating the public to understand the role of chemistry in the life and development.

C. Goals of Chemistry Department
1. Increasing the number of high school students who choose Chemistry Department as the first choice,
2. Producing graduates who have an excellent competence in chemistry and research, and able to compete in the global laboratory market,
3. Encouraging a quality improvement of infrastructures, facilities and technologies that support the research on natural resources, and creating a conducive academic atmosphere, and
4. Enhancing the role of Chemistry Department as the study center, development, and dissemination of the results of sustainable research.