Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry

The Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry (LKA) is one of the laboratories under the Group of Analytical Chemistry Sciences. LKA is in addition to actively carry out researches, also serves practicum for the course of Analytical chemistry every semester with the frequency of twice a week laboratory with the number of parallel classes as much as two classes. The number of students who follow the lab per class is 24 people.

Head Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry

Dr. Nursiah La Nafie, M.Sc.

Outline Riset

Currently the research that runs on LKA is research related to the field of environmental chemistry, the use of electrodes as chemical sensors and their applications, the use of chemical instruments in qualitatively analyzing and quantifying a material, and developing chemical measurement and separation techniques.

Academic Staff

  • Prof.Dr. Alfian Noor, M.Sc
  • Prof.Dr. Abd. Wahid Wahab, M.Sc
  • Dr. Nursiah La Nafie, M.Sc
  • Dr. Syarifuddin Liong, M.Si
  • Drs. L.Musa Ramang, M.Si
  • Dra. Asmawati, MS
  • Dra. Adiba Arief, MP
  • Djabal Nur Basir, S.Si, M.Si

Analyst Laboratory : Fibhyanti, S.Si