Analyst Laboratory

Laboratory is one of the supporting facilities that are very important in conducting the activities of the lectures are effective and quality. Each laboratory is managed by a Laboran / Analyst. In Chemistry Study Program there are 8 laboratory analysts who serve practicum and research activities in 8 laboratory units, they are:

Mahdalia, S.Si
Analyst of Biochemistry Laboratory
Sugeng Asrofin, STP
Analyst of Physical Laboratory
Moh. Iqbal, STP
Analyst of Basic Chemistry Laboratory
Kartini, S.Si
Analyst of Organic Chemistry Laboratory
Haslinda, S.Si
Analyst of Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory
Fibiyanthi, S.Si
Analyst of Analytical Chemistry Laboratory
Nurul Hanna, A.Md
Analyst of Integrated Chemistry Laboratory
Andi Tenri Sanna, S.Si
Analyst of Radiation Chemistry Laboratory