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Prior to completing his studies in the Department of Kima, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Hasanuddin University, the final stage that must be passed by the students is to conduct research stages and the Trial Session Exam. The research stages begin with a Research Proposal Seminar. After conducting the research, students carry out Research Seminar.

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  • whether the seminar will only be in accordance with the academic calendar. It is desirable that students make use of the time at the beginning of the semester for the seminar. Participant counseling to encourage student guidance for seminars at the beginning of time, is also highly expected..
  • For 2015 Force Students, laboratory selection changes are only served until April 30, 2017. After that date the names of the students will be distributed to the respective head of the laboratory for the determination of the research topics.

POS Conducting Research Proposal Seminar

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POS Conducting Result Seminar

POS Comprehensive Seminar

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