Departement of Chemisry is one of the six Departement in Faculty of Mathematic adn Natural Sciences, University of Hasanuddin established since 1963, and currently obtain accreditation based SK BAN PT No. 025 / BAN-PT / Ak-XV / S1 / VIII / 2012. Since 1982, it has produced graduates Departement who was then known as the baccalaureate, and undergraduate Chemistry S1 first produced in 1985. In the era of 1990 to 1995, Departement of Chemistry was believed to be the organizer of the 3rd (D-3) Education Chemistry by the Ministry of Education and Culture, and graduated 231 alumni who work as a chemistry teacher in high school who are scattered in eastern Indonesia. Until now, the total number of undergraduate alumni in Departement of Chemistry is 1144 people.