Analysis services

For a few laboratories in the Chemistry Department usually provides sample analysis services, not only from the scope of the Department of Chemistry, State University of Hasanuddin themselves, but students from outside the campus or institution can carry out the analysis of samples in accordance with the requirements.
1. Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry
a. Metal analysis by Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS)
b. Analysis of Water Content and Ash Content
c. Cl analysis, Hardness in water titration method
d. Nitrate Analysis, phosphate method spectrophotometer
Analyst: Fibiyanthy, S.Si (085299027651)

2. Laboratory of Biochemistry
a. analysis of protein
b. Analysis of reducing sugar
c. Analysis of total carbohydrates
d. Analysis of lipid
e. Analysis of water content
f. analysis of polyphenols
g. analysis of tannins
h. BSLT analysis of LC-50
i. Analysis of antioxidants IC-50
j. Analysis of enzyme activity
k. SDS-PAGE electrophoresis analysis
Analyst: Mahdalia, S.Si (085399399778)

3. Laboratory of Organic Chemistry
a. Testing the melting point
Analyst: Kartini, S.P (081355524042)

4. Laboratory of Radiation Chemistry
a. Carbon-14 analysis by the LSC method
Analyst: Andi Tenri Sanna, S.Si

5. Integrated Chemical Laboratory
a. Analysis of Samples by Fourier Transform Infra Red (FTIR)
Analyst: Kartini, S.P
b. Analysis of the samples by GC-MS
Analyst: Mahdalia, S.Si
c. Analysis of samples by UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
Analyst: Sugeng Asrofin, STP (081343650516)