Attitude and Values

1. Fear God and be able to demonstrate religious attitude;
2. Uphold the humanity in carrying out their duties based on religion, morals, and ethics;
3. Contribute to improving the quality of life of society, the state, and the progress of civilization based on Pancasila;
4. Role as citizens who take pride and patriotism, nationalism and a sense of responsibility to the state and nation;
5. Respect for cultural diversity, views, religions and beliefs, as well as the original findings of opinion or other people;
6. Cooperation and social sensitivity and concern for the community and the environment;
7. Obey the law and discipline in society and the state;
8. Internalize the values, norms, and academic ethics;
9. Show a responsible attitude on the job in his field of expertise independently;
10. Internalize the spirit of independence, kejuangan, and entrepreneurship.

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