Various Levels of Quality Chemicals

In selecting chemicals for the needs, we must pay grade or level of quality, as kuaitas are made in accordance with the intended use of such materials, there are specific, but some are able to whole. Let’s look at Various Levels of Quality Chemicals following:

Various Levels of Quality Chemicals

This quality is the most standard, usually used for industrial purposes or other purposes outside the body. Due to the technical quality materials, usually there are ingredients that should not be entered into the body or can simply implies that large that can harm the body
food Grade

These qualities as the name suggests is a food grade can mean for a meal or used as a food mixture. despite all the chemicals remain threshold usage per day. so should know the limits of the material that will be used. In the food grade ingredients are sometimes still contain other ingredients are quite real and imagined fears, but because its composition is very small then be safe for consumption, such as food grade MgSO4 still contain heavy metals such as buckets, but because its composition is very small so it remains safe
Pro Analyst

This quality is the best quality for a material, because usually the quality Pro Analyst or commonly abbreviated PA is very pure approaching 100%. with quality materials PA is suitable in use for research and laboratory keperlian, because at the time of the study. impurities will disturb the experiment results. so in need of substances that are actually pure. because the quality is the best, Analyst Pro material prices have appreciated very high. can be many times more than the quality of its technical

USP is an acronym of the United States Pharmacopeia, the standards issued by a non-profit organization in the United States. Usually materials that use this standard is the ingredient materials are used for the manufacture of cosmetics and foodstuffs.
Student Grade

Material of this quality is not very common because it is only in use among school only under the university, because the university has been using quality PA. However, the quality of materials Grade Student’s still better than the Technical material but still below the quality Pro Analyst

Above are some of the standard chemicals that need to be in keahui, therefore we must first decide which materials are suitable for our needs. Do not make food with technical materials may be harmful to be eating these foods

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