Vision and Mission

A. Vision Chemistry Study Program (CSP)
Being a center of excellence in the utilization of Indonesian Maritime Continent based natural resources beneficially and sustainably.

B. Mission Chemistry Study Program (CSP)
1. Producing professional graduates that able to compete in the global markets;
2. Developing high quality of education and research sustainably;
3. Contributing to the quality development of society widely

C. Goals Chemistry Study Program (CSP)
1. Producing chemistry graduates as a whole human being possessing integrity, professionalism, productivity, and life-long learner capable of adapting and contributing optimally to sustainable development and competing in the global market;
2. Improving graduate quality and productivity as well as student intakes to CSP as their first choice;
3. Being the center of excellence in the development and utilization of Indonesian Maritime Continent based natural resources sustainably;
4. Developing and maintaining partnerships with internal and external sectors to contribute and give benefits to the society at large;
5. Improving infrastructure, facilities, and technology as well as providing healthy and conducive academic atmosphere to support the achievement of vision and missions and
6. Developing a strong and healthy institution supported by scientific quality cultures.